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Located in beautiful Albemarle County, Virginia, Edward T. Wolanski, MD, PC has been offering women quality healthcare for over 20 years.  Edward T. Wolanski, MD has been affiliated with Martha Jefferson Hospital for all of those years.  Dr. Wolanski loves what he does and is dedicated to providing the one-to-one attention rarely accessible to today’s women.  Our office seeks to provide obstetrical and gynecologic services in an atmosphere that is individualized, compassionate and respectful.   We encourage each woman to participate actively in the decisions involving her healthcare.  Dr. Wolanski is adamant about providing quality healthcare for our patients.

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Special Announcement:

Donna is retiring from the practice of midwifery 12/31/2014.  We THANK YOU, Donna for your 20+ years of caring and dedication for the Charlottesville community….

If you are/were a patient of Donna Vinal’s, you can be followed by Edward Wolanski, MD, your PCP or your records can be sent to another OB/GYN with your written consent.   Please see the patient forms tab and print out our medical records release form.

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